Senior Streak Shut Down Prompts Student Debate

On February 2nd, the school issued an email to all students and parents of the class of 2018 stating that the senior streak is not allowed to occur this year. This is a fairly new tradition, however, the faculty and staff deem the event uncomfortable and unsafe. Directly from the email, the message states, “What started a few years ago and was perceived as a relatively harmless senior event has turned into an event that makes other students and faculty feel uncomfortable and in some cases unsafe.” I assume that the school is referring to the issues cause by the streak last year, but does this mean the class of 2018 will create an unsafe environment? Honestly, if the school simply warned the senior class to not act in a brash manner instead of banning the streak entirely, the “unsafe” environment certainly wouldn’t be created. Personally, I think the idea of senior streak is interesting, to say the least simply because I this is my first year at Reserve. Nevertheless, this decision led to backlash from the senior class, asking why they are the ones that are stripped (no pun intended) of this privilege. One senior cared to give me his opinion saying, “I think it is a little bit annoying to see a tradition that has been allowed over the past three years I have been here to now be disallowed. I wonder if the senior streak ban means we can’t do anything like it, or we just can’t go around the campus naked.” This whole scenario is frustrating to the seniors; in January the deans told the seniors that their privileges are delayed due to recent events at the school. This is obviously referring to the large amount of kids leaving WRA this year, on top of many facing some form of discipline. My issue with this is that the senior class as a whole faces sanctions because of some students actions. Our privileges were delayed and the streak is likely banned due to a few already graduated students.

– Conal Demian ’18

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