Second LAN Party Lights Up WIC

On February 10, a LAN Party took place in the WIC room for the second time of the school year. It was more crowded than the preceding party, filling the place with even more fun and laughter. By the end of the night, the entertainment was over, but it was also a major success, leaving fellow participants with joy and memorable experiences.
At around 6:00 pm, the leaders of the club, Jack Rubin (President) and Matthew Bloom (Vice President), along with the help of Mr. Gerber organized and set up for the LAN Party. Special thanks also went to the people who brought their consoles for other students to enjoy. Soon, people were coming in and participating in the three tournaments set up for them: FIFA, Mario Kart 8, and Super Smash Bros. One memorable experience Devin had at the party was “the good snacks they offered and just the company of [his] friends.” Matthew Groll also had an unforgettable time, saying that he, “enjoyed playing Mario Kart 8 the most, and while [he] made it to the semifinals with Jaxson Bick, [they] ended up going down to Jack Rubin and Matthew Bloom.” But the most memorable highlight of the party, as mentioned by the people who attended, was Sam Bick and his winning streak of at least 30 games in table tennis from “1, 2, Switch.”
The end results are as following: Nevin Joyce placing first in the FIFA tournament with Steven Yang coming in close second, granting Nevin with a fantastic $25 Gionino’s gift card. “What am I even supposed to do with this? I can’t order with it!” claims Nevin. Next up is George Kagler placing first in the Super Smash Bros tournament, and Jack Rubin and Matthew Bloom winning the Mario Kart 8 tournament. Overall, the party was a smashing success and high hopes are around for the next upcoming LAN Party.

– Tien Nguyen ’19

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