Quizbowl Sets Sights on Nationals

On February 5, while some students were relaxing and enjoying their well-earned mid-winter break, the Western Reserve Academy Quizbowl team competed for victory at Kent State University against a variety of teams from the area. Charlie Kolodziej ’18, Madison Lin ’19, Jasmine Wheeler ’20, Ilyana Smith ’20, and Camille Wheeler ’21 participated in this tournament. At this tournament, WRA was in the champions’ bracket, having already placed first in their league. WRA proceeded to place third out of twenty-four teams, and Kolodziej also took third in the individual competition. “We had challenging competition but overall fun,” commented Jasmine. “We played some of our toughest matches at the KSU tournament, nearly all of them came down to the last few questions, and I couldn’t be prouder of the team!” added Kolodziej. Although Reserve did not take first in this competition, the Quizbowl team still brought home a large trophy to commemorate their performance in their league leading up to the tournament.

Now, an aside from Madison Lin: “Past the glitz and glamor of looking super smart, Quizbowl is filled with blanking on answers and being beat to the buzzer. However, looks like that’s no match for WRA’s team because you know who’s going to Nationals? WRA! That’s who!”

The WRA Quizbowl team has been hard at work all year in a variety of competitions, and now their efforts are finally paying off. WRA will be competing at Nationals in Chicago in April. Since WRA can only take six competitors, intense tryouts will be held in coming weeks to determine who will make the team.

The entire team is eager to participate in Nationals. “We have really pulled it together this year and it’s been awesome to see our hard work pay off. I am really excited for Nationals and I’m sure we are gonna kick butt!” declared Charlie, and Camille, who participated in Quizbowl in middle school, asserted that “The upcoming trip to Chicago for Quiz Bowl has been so exciting for me to think about. In the past, quiz bowl nationals have been some of my best times with my friends and it’s such a fun time to honor the school with titles and prove our school’s knowledge.”

The WRA Quizbowl team is a close-knit group that shares a passion for competition and trivia. As Quizbowl team member Andrew Huang ’20 so eloquently put it, “It’s fun if you’re a nerd.”

– Ilyana Smith ’19

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