Mardi Gras Celebration

Mardi Gras was observed on February 13th this year. Mardi Gras, also known as Fat Tuesday, is the day of celebration and feasting that predates Ash Wednesday, a Christian holy day that marks the beginning of Lent. Students at Western Reserve Academy celebrated Mardi Gras during the newly-scheduled A+ period. The French Club hosted a party in the concessions area of the MAC with music, hot chocolate, and King cakes. The area was filled with the sounds of laughter, friendship, and festive music. Madame Borrmann, Ms. Howell, and Ms. McDonough oversaw the event from under a sign that read “Mardi Gras – laissez bons temps rouler,” or “let the good times roll” in English.

Students seemed to have a blast at the event. When asked to reflect on her experience, Marcella Bangkong ‘19 remarked, “I really enjoyed the King cake and I really had a fun time finding a baby in my cake! I didn’t even know that was a tradition! The hot chocolate was also delicious.” Hopefully, the good times will keep rolling and this celebration will become an annual WRA tradition!

Another holiday that mid-February brought to Hudson, Ohio was Valentine’s Day. In addition to the ever-popular Crush-O-Grams, students attended a Valentine’s Day-themed Green Key mixer. Dubbed the “Sweetheart Mixer,” the green key was decorated with an abundance of red and pink hearts. Following the Lunar New Year celebration, many students were already hyped up on delicious food and a great afternoon, so the Sweetheart Green Key was an especially successful event. Ananya Chetia ‘20 echoed the thoughts of many by saying, “I thought the Green Key was so fun because the music was awesome and I danced with my friends. You know it was a good Green Key when you are running up the stairs almost late to check in!” The event was so enjoyable that swimmers returning from their Eastern’s competition eagerly joined in on the dancing despite being exhausted!

Another thing that made this Green Key different than others was the DJ. The usual DJ Peter Campanelli ‘18, otherwise known as DJ Vibes, was unable to attend, so Chloe Tomblin ‘19, with the help and guidance of the other girls of Cutler, graciously chose music for the event. Students did not seem to mind the subtle occupation switch as the stage was still filled with dancing and singing. Thanks to the Morgan Leaders and everyone involved in prepping for the mixer, all of the students who attended enjoyed a night full of dancing and fun — with or without a special someone.

– Hanley Jefferis ’19

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