A Wild West Bicknell Bonanza: Cowboys in Winter

As a highlight of a busy and rainy week, students had the opportunity to enjoy the Bicknell Bonanza on the night of February 21st in the MAC. After several cold rainy days, a TEAMS competition and the Junior Writing Exam, the Bicknell Bonanza was a wonderful way to cool down. The MAC was full of students’ laughter and joy; this year’s theme was Western Cowboy and the Pioneer Women’s Association organized this activity. As such, there were also many parents helping with foods and facilities.

Students took photos with cowboy hats, horse hats, scarves, and temporary tattoos in front of a jail and a wanted poster background. There were several new activities this year. Boxing was one of the most popular activities, and Snapchat was filled with boxing videos on that day. Another activity with a long line was temporary tattoo station. Students got personalized tattoos by a professional tattooist. Alex Zhu’ 18 got a constellation on his arm and Ran Tao’ 18 chose a heart and a rainbow. Even though they had waited for more than fifteen minutes there, they liked this experience. The “Marquee Dance Club” was another popular activity. Students danced with music and took photos under the colorful lighting. Mary Ning’ 19 said that after the Junior Writing Exam, she was exhausted. Bicknell Bonanza helped her to relax her nerves. Even though many activities in the Bicknell Bonanza are similar to last year’s, she still enjoyed hanging out with friends and having delicious snacks. Coco Ma’ 20 said that she “liked this year’s Chick-fil-A, but missed last year’s casino.” Miranda Namiotka’ 20 preferred this year more than last year, and she thought that this year’s Bicknell Bonanza was definitely a success. There were more activities this year, and she loved the bounties and dance globe. Also, it was the first time for Kitty Ding’ 20 to participate in Bicknell Bonanza, and she did not have high expectations for it. But, she did not want to leave after her arrival. She said the best part was competing with friends at the boxing station and having snacks and lemonade. She has already started to imagine about next year’s Bicknell Bonanza.

Even though this year’s Bicknell Bonanza has ended, the memory of the joy and fun remains.

– Rain Wu ’20

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