A Happy Winter Concert

On Sunday, February 25th, Western Reserve Academy’s Music Department proudly presented the annual Winter Concert, titled “I Sing Because I’m Happy.” The concert consisted of three parts, which were prepared and performed by the over 100 students of the Academy’s Band, Choir, and Orchestra. Head of Music Department Midge Karam ’79 explains that some of the works chosen were written or inspired by African American composers in observance of Black History Month. The concert started off with Simple Symphony by Benjamin Britten. The work, specifically the fourth movement, earned the orchestra a superior rating at the Ohio Music Educators Solo & Ensemble Contest, and thus, was chosen and explored thoroughly. Alexandra Bayliss ’21 expresses particular interest in the wind symphony songs, viewing them as outstandingly captivating for their melodic variety.

The performance featured both jazz music and pieces that would “keep our large and talented percussion together,” which was satisfied by the first piece they played: “Invocation and African Dance.”

The concert came to a lively and refreshing conclusion with Gospel and Spiritual Music sung by the Academy’s choir. Ms. Karam describes this genre of music as “important for the choir to sing” and that it “fits well for a February concert.” The title of the concert, “I Sing Because I’m Happy,” was actually inspired by the Gospel number that the Choir sang, as it delivers a fulfilling and positive message. Suzannah Sanders Burdis ’21 remarked that she was particularly impressed by the last song for its “catchy and uplifting” melody, and the performance as a whole was “entertaining and interesting.”

The Winter Concert was an excellent opportunity for students to showcase their talent and the work they had accomplished since the beginning of the new semester.

– Quan Vo ’20

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