Artist Spotlight: Lexi Shoemaker

The famous Lexi Shoemaker ’18 has both talent and an abundance of ambition. This dance enthusiast has been dancing for as long as she can remember, and with her many goals for the future, Lexi Shoemaker is making history. She loves the freedom of choreographing her own dances. When it comes to her own personal … Continue reading

Environmental Regulations Run Amok With Policy Change

On January 20th, 2017, not only did Donald Trump take an Oath of Office but seemingly one of environmental disregard and destruction too. Within the past year, Trump has revoked the EPA’s Clean Power Plan, withdrawn the U.S. from the 195-country Paris Climate Agreement, revoked a mandate that requires federal agencies to consider climate change … Continue reading

Relax Your Attitude & Spice it Up!

No one person is one-hundred-percent alike, but the media has polluted society and produced a certain image and lifestyle that is deemed as perfect and complete. Because of this, mankind believes that they are lesser than those around them if they do not conform to the common craze. With each passing day, there seem to … Continue reading

Will “WinFo” Win?

With Winter Formal fast approaching, the big question is why are we even having this dance? Shouldn’t we be celebrating Sadie’s? Well, rumor has it that the schedule is altered this year because January weather is too cold for Sadie’s, meaning that it has to be pushed to March. I guess there no one felt … Continue reading

Trump’s First Year in Office

Since January 2017, Donald Trump has held the position of what many call the most powerful man in the world. This businessman has made a number of decisions affecting the country, with mixed results to say the least. With another 365 days of office coming up, it seems to be a good time to look … Continue reading

The Booming Petroleum Revolution

The United States of America needs oil, and it needs lots of it. Petroleum has been the primary economic and political concern for the USA in the past four decades. Ever since the middle of the 20th century, The United States has always depended on foreign Petroleum to feed its own massive industry. The decline … Continue reading

A Nation-Worth of Debt in Perspective

The United States debt is at an all-time high of 21.9 trillion dollars, earning the number one spot for the country with the most external debt. Over the years, our national debt has increased exponentially, especially under certain administrations. Percentage-wise, the Roosevelt Administration increased the national debt the most. The 1048% increase was mainly the … Continue reading

Winter Olympics Held in PyeongChang

The 2018 Winter Olympics are right around the corner, starting in less than a month on February 9th, and going until the 25th. The host city is PyeongChang, South Korea, where 102 events would be held. There will be 7 different sports in 15 disciplines, ranging from bobsledding to luge. This Winter Olympic season, there … Continue reading

Baby Baldridge Arrives

A beloved member of the Western Reserve Academy staff, Emily Thews recently had her first baby with her husband Anthony Baldridge. After being born on January 20th, 2018, they decided to name her Lila. Mrs. Thews works as a Spanish teacher as well as the girls’ varsity basketball coach. Unfortunately, Mrs. Thews was unable to … Continue reading

Dub Club Takes Over Winter Sports

The “Dub Club” consists of students who support Western Reserve Academy athletic teams, whether it be through theme nights or tailgates. Club members are often found leading the student section in cheers during home games, generating energy for school spirit. The club was only recently started in 2016 by WRA alumnus Joey Randazzo ’17. Randazzo … Continue reading