Will “WinFo” Win?

With Winter Formal fast approaching, the big question is why are we even having this dance? Shouldn’t we be celebrating Sadie’s? Well, rumor has it that the schedule is altered this year because January weather is too cold for Sadie’s, meaning that it has to be pushed to March. I guess there no one felt a need to build “grit and resilience” by having Sadie’s in this frigid weather.

Winter Formal seems to be exciting, but why is it being held in the Memorial Gym? Seems a bit odd and suspicious to me, we’ll see whether or not the Morgan Leaders have stayed up to par with presenting us with this new and intriguing dance. In an honest opinion, I prefer Sadie’s over any Winter Formal, mainly because the whole point of two dances throughout the year is so that boys can ask the girls at Homecoming and girls can ask the guys at Sadie’s. I had no idea that this was math class and there was some type of median in between the two.

As hardworking student and talented vocalist, Carlin Szilagyi ‘20 says, “ I enjoy how great of an opportunity it is to participate in an amazing event that still requires formal dress without the pressure of asking a date.” Hopefully, the many students at Reserve, including myself, are able to look on the bright side of this dance and realize that spending quality time with your friends on a Saturday night in the MAC can be a sentimental time. With that being said, bring out your high heels, put on some lipstick, pick out a dress, and get ready to celebrate some time well spent. For the guys, just wear a nice suit that makes you look somewhat presentable.

– Izabel Acosta ’20

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