Trump’s First Year in Office

Since January 2017, Donald Trump has held the position of what many call the most powerful man in the world. This businessman has made a number of decisions affecting the country, with mixed results to say the least. With another 365 days of office coming up, it seems to be a good time to look back at what the man has done.

First of all, there are some positives to be noted. Yes, there are good things Trump has done. For starters, he has greatly reduced the threat of the terrorist group ISIS. While it has yet to be completely eradicated, his orders as Commander-in-Chief of the United States Army have broken it up, so there are now smaller threats instead of one giant, more powerful one. One of his most recent actions, a bill that reduces taxes, is another victory as it is supposed to allow citizens to keep more of their money and not take from the national debt. Trump has also recognized the city of Jerusalem as the capital of Israel, a move that has pleased the country and may form a stronger alliance. Finally, and most controversially, Trump has done his best to keep jobs for the American people. His actions have kept unemployment from rising; in fact, they have decreased by quite a bit.

Of course, Trump’s actions are not perfect. First, let’s mention the elephant in the room: his decisions that have been a bit on the racist side. He’s made travel bans and started construction of a wall along the Mexican border, along with descriptions of different races that are pretty offensive. He’s been accused numerous times of sexual misconduct and there is an infamous recorded quote that has little doubt it isn’t from him. And for Pete’s sake, Mr. President, stop using Twitter! All you do is make things worse! Your trashing of political rivals, constantly responding to angry comments, your nickname for the leader of North Korea__ even a post you made on September the eleventh, one of the most tragic days in our nation’s history, seems to be enough to receive backlash. Of course, I can’t say “Stop” as it would be in violation of the First Amendment. However, I can still say it would help your cause to not tweet so often.

Yeah, Trump has done some things that most would disagree with. He’s offended, and provoked, and may instigate World War Three. However, what he’s done isn’t all awful and he does what he sees is best for his country. So I still lean toward his side. Besides, he never told the youth to “Pokémon Go to the polls.” At least he conserves his dignity.

– Sam Hoffman ’19

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