Theatre Guild Shows “Mamma Mia!”

On the evening of Friday, January 12, the Theatre Guild had its first club activity, hosting a showing of Mamma Mia in the Green Key. Originally created last year by recent graduate Elliot Ong 17’, this club has been re-introduced this year by seniors Katie Elkind 18’, Kali Chapas 18’, Sash Davis 18’, and post-graduate Hannah Stewart ’18. The guild hopes to provide additional theater opportunities to students looking to be more involved in theater than Western Reserve Academy’s main productions allow, and wishes to produce and sponsor different events to spread a passion for theatre: “ We all love theatre and understand the desire to be onstage and get involved with the arts. WRA puts on three mainstage productions each year, some with fairly small casts, so we wanted the open the opportunity to the entire student body. The club is meant to inspire the student body to experience theater, even if it is on a small scale, and have fun,” explained the club’s leaders. The guild leaders encourage everyone to join the club, regardless of performance experience, “They do not have to be on stage, or even backstage helping out, but learning to respect the art and all of its history.” As Davis put it, “Our goal is to get people to love theater.”

Mamma Mia was chosen as their first activity for its music and entertaining plot- Donna (Meryl Streep), plans for her daughter’s wedding, while the young bride (Amanda Seyfried) secretly invites three men to her big day in hopes of meeting her real father and have him escort her down the aisle.

Elkind expands on their decision for this: “Our idea was to kick-start the club with something easy going to get out name out there.”

“We thought that some people would have watched it before, but we would also be able to introduce others to the musical,” added Stewart. The movie night went extremely well, with many students present for the musical: “ It was a really fun first activity to get our name out there, and with the weather, the turnout was great! We moved all of the seat cushions off of the Green Key couches, to create a super cozy movie area. We had food, drinks, blankets, singing, and lots of admiring Meryl Streep.”

– Flora Jiang ’19

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