The Eggplant: Long Live Long House

Long House Storage has been extinct for two years now. Only two remaining classes of WRA students remember the days of trudging in the heat to move chairs and fans and such into the cool, comforting basement of Long House under the watchful eye of a vigilant faculty member. As many know, last year the method of storing items for the summer changed. Boarders, especially those boarders travelling across international borders, were introduced to a new system: Dorm Movers. For a simple, nominal fee, some unnamed heroes would take your personal items to some unnamed location to be stored for the summer until you return to school.

This system seemed to be a great solution to eliminate the issue of having the basement of Long House open to the entire school for too few hours during preseason. It also eliminated the long, difficult walks from dorm to storage basement.

Unfortunately, Dorm Movers has reached the end of its reign. The company went bankrupt after its owner, Harold McCharles III, inspired by Western Reserve Academy’s very own tradition, required all of his movers to attend a weekend at Camp Wise. After completing just a few of the various activities, such as the infamous “human knot” and the ropes course, the workers were so inspired by their success and teamwork at Camp Wise that they all quit Dorm Movers in order to pursue their newly discovered passion of team-bonding experiences. They collectively realized their dreams of inspiring others just as they had been inspired at the camp. Thus, Camp Wiser was formed.

With this development, Western Reserve Academy faced a new challenge: where will the students store stuff this year? Some forward-thinking students have come up with some ingenious solutions.

One plan is to use the “backpack bins” in Ellsworth. Because the bins are so frequently empty, it would be the perfect spot for long-term storage. Administration is also considering keeping the Learning Center on campus in order to utilize the space as additional storage.

However, the prevailing idea is to keep the beloved Pods as the primary academic building and redesign the Seymour Hall Renovation that is underway so as to convert a floor or two for long-term storage. Many alumni have contacted the school approving of the plan so as to force students to participate in the long-held tradition of difficult move-in days. Long walks across campus with heavy furniture on the sweltering days of an August preseason are just part of what makes us uniquely Reserve.

– Arthur Aubergine ’00

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