Scheduling Leaves Only One Community Service Day

For the past few years, Western Reserve Academy has dedicated a couple days of the school year to community service. The idea for community service days is the brainchild of the Music Department’s very own Ms. Karam, and the community service program is overseen this year by Mr. Gordon. “Community service is a big aspect of the WRA culture,” as Nupur Malhotra ’19 puts it, and community service days are a well-known school tradition that students look forward to every year. In years past, students have been able to help the elderly at local retirement homes, serve soup at a soup kitchen, clean toys for the Hudson library, and plant trees in the Cuyahoga National Valley Park. A beloved school event, community service days are cherished by the student body as a way to take a break from school while enjoying the rewarding feeling of volunteer work. Romir Basu ’19 remembers “community service days in the past and the excitement they garner,” where many students would be able to sleep in before heading off to volunteer. However, due to the new class schedule, the term “community service days” has become “community service day,” with only one day in the WRA calendar for students to collectively give back to the community. The new 2017-2018 schedule runs a 7-day cycle system that carries over from week to week. In order to have 10 full cycles in the first semester, the fall season’s community service day had to be sacrificed. A humbling experience, volunteering fosters a sense of gratitude for how lucky we are to have food on our tables and beds to sleep on at night. While a self-rewarding experience, volunteering benefits hundreds of people and families, who receive food packages from the Akron-Canton Regional Food Bank or receive blankets that WRA students have created. While grateful that the school still retains the tradition of a day dedicated to community service, students and faculty alike wish for Western Reserve to return to having two days of community service, or more. “Hopefully we will move back to at least two [community service days] in the future,” says Madame Borrmann, who has famously run the community service program in previous years. “There was a time when we had three! I personally feel, the more the better!”

– Madison Lin ’19

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