Morgan Leaders Surprise with Snowball Dance

As all WRA students know, the return from winter break has been off to a chaotic start. We jumped, unflinching, back into the hectic schedule of classes and sports, the walk to the Pods has gotten icier and icier, and many students have been looking for a way to relieve the stress of getting back into the second semester. Most students, looking forward to the Sadie Hawkins dance were shocked to discover that it has been pushed to March. In order to give us a dance between now and spring, the Morgan Leaders planned an all-new dance for the WRA community.

Inspired by the final dance scene in season 2 of the highly popular Netflix show Stranger Things, the Winter Formal dance has made itself distinct in the lineup of formal dances that WRA has to offer in two ways: one, it was held in the Memorial Gym, giving it more of a traditional high school feel, and two, students were encouraged to go with friends in lieu of a date, although people were more than welcome to ask dates. The reason dates weren’t explicitly encouraged, says Lexi Shoemaker, is because the Morgan Leaders wanted “to create a dance where you can just come and have fun with your friends and not feel pressured to have a date.”

The theme was “The Snowball.” Using generous donations and resources from the Pioneer Women’s Association, the Morgan Leaders did an incredible job of setting up a beautiful dance floor, featuring blue and white Christmas lights and balloons. In addition, the dance featured Peter Campanelli ‘18 as DJ and several good snacks, including pizza from Gionino’s. Though dates were not explicitly encouraged, this dance was formal, like the others, giving students a chance to dress up for a good time with their friends.

Student opinions on the dance were generally positive, with many in favor of the optional date policy. Andrew Huang ‘20 said that he “loves it! Because you don’t need a date to enjoy a formal, it really takes the stress off of everyone.” Through introducing this new dance, the Morgan Leaders hoped to create a new WRA tradition. “We hope that if students like it this year, then others will want to continue having this dance every year,” said Alicia Ma ‘18, one of those in charge of planning the dance.

– Jasmine Wheeler ’20

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