Baby Baldridge Arrives

A beloved member of the Western Reserve Academy staff, Emily Thews recently had her first baby with her husband Anthony Baldridge. After being born on January 20th, 2018, they decided to name her Lila. Mrs. Thews works as a Spanish teacher as well as the girls’ varsity basketball coach. Unfortunately, Mrs. Thews was unable to attend the girls’ basketball tournament in Culver, Indiana where the team took the championship, however she was there in spirit. Team member Julia Clarke ’20 commented, “It was hard not having Mrs. Thews there but it felt amazing to beat one of our biggest rivals, and we knew how proud she’d be when she heard the news!” Mrs. Thews will be on maternity leave while taking care of her daughter, and I’m sure she is disappointed about not being able to teach her classes. However, she will have Mr. O’Connell teach in her stead. When asked about Mrs. Thews-Baldridge’s baby, one of her advisees and students Hannah Ghoubrial ’19 remarked, “I am so happy for Mrs. Thews and Mr. Baldridge! I know they will be great parents and I wish both of them the best of luck.”

– Romir Basu ’19

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