Artist Spotlight: Lexi Shoemaker

The famous Lexi Shoemaker ’18 has both talent and an abundance of ambition. This dance enthusiast has been dancing for as long as she can remember, and with her many goals for the future, Lexi Shoemaker is making history. She loves the freedom of choreographing her own dances. When it comes to her own personal style, she considers herself a contemporary artist; mainly because she enjoys the simple technique that can be personalized at any time.

Lexi adds her own flair to her dancing expertise, and she recently presented her Compass Project to the students and faculty of Western Reserve Academy. As Lexi describes it, “My compass project was made to find a way to connect two subjects that most could not find a way to connect. I am creating a performance in which I show that dance can represent biology concepts. With my choreography, I hope to be able to accurately represent these concepts.” Although Lexi is a fabulous dancer, what in particular will she be offering to the WRA community? The Compass program is something she has aspired to for a long time, but she had no idea as to what she was going to do. Following this desire to be engaged in the compass program, she met with Dr. Borrmann and he assisted her in being able to figure out what exactly she wanted to do for her project. She definitely knew she wanted to somehow integrate dancing into her project, but didn’t know how to. Her goals could not be met without the encouragement of both her friends and faculty. Finally, through this hardship, Lexi came up with the idea of interconnecting the biology concepts learned by current freshmen and then incorporating dance into helping the Freshman better learn Biology. Lexi knew that through continued cooperation with both Dr. Pethel and Mrs. Barth, ideas could be turned into reality. She knew that this was an opportunity to unique to Reserve and that she was able to pursue something she was passionate about.

As this passion of her’s expands into even more marvelous ideas, it is important to consider creating your own project and being able to be your own entrepreneur, as Lexi has shown us. Maybe this fantastic choreographing dancer will have her spotlight on Broadway someday, but until then, I urge those who would like to pursue something of great interest of them to be inspired by Lexi and her work.

– Izabel Acosta ’20

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