Yankay and Karam Star in Local Productions

The talents of the Reserve faculty extend far beyond the humble boundaries of our lawn’s wide sweep. Recently, two members of our community have participated in productions: Adam Yankay, local Star Wars enthusiast and math connoisseur, acted as Lieutenant Jack Ross in the play “A Few Good Men,” and Ms. Karam, our local musical talent fostering the voices and instruments of our fellow students, played Ms. Diamond (otherwise known as “Diana”) in the musical “Christmas in Akron.”

“A Few Good Men” is a courtroom drama about the prosecution of two soldiers for hazing which resulted in the death of a private. Yankay played the prosecuting attorney. When asked how his two passions for teaching math and acting coexist, Yankay answered, “For the math part I can see that it’s odd, but for the teacher? An actor has to have a sense of trajectory, effect, and timing. These are all, to me, essential to a creating a good classroom experience along with listening and responding.” This is not Yankay’s first experience with theater, but rather a return to the stage. Yankay was a theater major in college and acted in Dallas before coming to WRA. He became a teacher after he substituted for a friend’s fourth grade class. Yankay then taught math at the highschool level and found his niche. He received a master’s degree in math soon after. When asked to elaborate on his journey from the stage to the classroom, Yankay responded, “Teaching is more fulfilling. I felt the effect I was having in the classroom was better.”

Relating to “A Few Good Men,” he said that he “really valued the show, and the story is one worth seeing and talking about. I wouldn’t have gotten back into acting for just any show. I think you’re a more enriched human being for having seen it and I’m glad to have been a part of it. Personally, it was good to feel valued and welcomed back to the stage after 20 years.”

“Christmas in Akron,” is a musical about a department store trying to put on a Christmas show within 24 hours after finding out the store opens a week early than expected. Isabelle Murray ’19, who attended the performance, commented that, “The musical itself was rather corny and predictable, but it was extremely enjoyable nonetheless to see Ms. Karam up there and the laughter never stopped. One of my favorite moments was when I saw her judging an act and making some of the same facial expressions I’ve seen her make at me and other students in the WRA choir and musicals. It was enlightening seeing her execute things she has been trying to get me to do. She exemplified the points she makes to me and others during past productions that she directed at WRA.”

WRA faculty are undeniably talented outside of their respective fields of teaching, and Mr. Yankay and Ms. Karam serve as prime examples.

– Hanley Jefferis ’19

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