LAN Party Launches in Wang Innovation Center

Some of you may have seen, heard or even been to the LAN party that happened a few weeks ago. Most of you however seemed to have missed out!

Jack Rubin ‘18, one of the presidents of the Technology Club who led the setup for the event, thought that the LAN party “went really well, and everyone who attended seemed to have a great a time.” Also, Jack noted that “the Mario Kart tournament was a great last minute addition that will definitely continue to be included in the future.”

It was exciting to see intense cooperation and teamwork in some games, such as those who participated in the Overwatch tournament, while at the same time getting to witness competitive single player games like Super Smash Bros for Wii U. One unforgettable highlight of the night was when Mr. Schwartz, Network Manager at the Tech Office, stepped outside of his office to show off his skills in both Smash and Mario Kart, drawing a sizable crowd around him.

Matthew Groll ‘18 says, “The LAN party was an awesome event in the Makerspace for gaming, whether casual or competitive. Personally, I was most excited to make it a few stages into the Smash tournament, although I ended up going down to James Cook with his top-tier Falcon. Also, congrats to George Kagler for taking first prize! The final was very exciting to watch.”

In terms of outlook for the rest of the year, there will be two more LAN parties, with the next one in the winter season around late January to early February. For anyone interested in gaming, whether for relaxation or for the challenge, or even those just interested in spectating, be sure to stop by and join the fun!

– Nicholas Bell ’19

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