Justice League in Review

Justice League is DC’s biggest hit after their spectacular Wonder Woman back in June. After series of battles and origins stories of the “Justice League” characters, this movie has finally banded the heroes together. Batman (Ben Affleck) and Wonder Woman (Gal Gadot) are the core of the group, and they work together to assemble the other heroes for an impending destructive threat. It is up to these heroes to save the world once again in the DC universe.

The movie itself is quirky and funny at times, however as a whole it nearly feels dull and boring, with a lack of chemistry among the heroes. Even with generous use of CGI and the sparkle from Wonder Woman, the movie still fails to bring the most of what the heroes have to offer, disappointing many fans and movie-goers alike. Being released at the same time as Thor: Ragnarok, another superhero movie, and Coco, a loveable Disney animation, Justice League has a harder time attracting a substantial audience.

Overall, the movie is just fairly decent. I would recommend it if you are simply looking for some entertainment, but if an oversimplified, boring plot bothers you, you’d be better off watching the animated movies in the DC collection.

– Tien Nguyen ’19

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