Athlete Spotlight: Kevin Escott

Kevin Escott ’18 is a senior, Morgan Leader, Wood-house Prefect and most importantly in terms of athletics, the golf team’s captain. Escott got into golf at a young age but only got into it competitively during his years at Western Reserve Academy. Escott said, “When I was younger, I don’t think I enjoyed it as much as I do now. I played a lot of golf before Reserve, but it wasn’t competitive.” During his time at WRA, he has played varsity golf all four years. Although he feels that he could’ve done better individually during the latter half of his career at WRA, he still has had a successful career in terms of the individuals with whom he has competed. This includes his junior year, almost posting an undefeated season with a 19-1 record. He stated, “I feel that I have done well during my career at WRA. However, I do feel that I should have posted better scores during my junior and senior years. Still, I feel I did what I could for my four years.” As for their standing in his last year of golf, the 2017 team holds a record of 9-6. Although Escott is disappointed about the losses, he believes the team gave it their all each and everyday. He mentioned, “As a team, we did well. A 9-6 record is good for having a very young team. I do think we could have done much better than what we showed during the season. It’s okay, though, because we still had fun the whole way.” When other teammates were asked about how Escott was as a captain, Josh Pethel ’21 remarked that he “absolutely loved him.”

Escott explained, “I would love to [play], but I don’t think it’s going to be in my plans.” Escott will be dearly missed by the WRA golf team.

– Yashaswi Sharma ’18

Kevin Athlete Spotlight.jpg


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