Art Students Take to the Moos Gallery

This past month, Reserve’s own student art club held their art exhibit in the Moos Gallery in KFAC. Similar to previous years, the art club featured submitted art from all students throughout campus with a wide variety of mediums ranging from pencil and watercolor to sculptures and photography. Being no exception, this year the gallery was stocked full of more than 40 pieces of artwork that each present an artist’s unique perspective and subject. The art club’s art show provides an opportunity for students to express creativity and to show the community the product of their labor, and the portrayal of their thoughts and emotions. Art brings to the person a certain peace of mind that cannot be overlooked in a pressuring community such as Reserve. “It acts as a counterbalance to the science and academic oriented curriculum of our school,” says Harley Fisher, one of the current art club’s leaders and organizer of this year’s student art show. Artworks are medium through which the creator communicates with the viewer. Just like how an author tells their story through an immersive tale, a sculptor shapes their concept of beauty into forms of clay, and a painter paints their feelings with colorful brush strokes. Thus the successful dialogue between a creator and an admirer requires the participation of as many people as possible. Reserve encourages us to share our experiences with the world and with each other, and thanks to the art show there is one more route for it to be made possible. So next time remember to preserve that drawing you made a year ago, or that photo of some place that you have been to. Enjoy and preserve a bit of beauty each day, for life is made more colorful that way.

Andy Fan ’19


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