The Gatsby Homecoming: A Roaring Success

On October 21st, Western Reserve Academy hosted “The Great Gatsby Homecoming,” the first school dance of the year. The event was a chance to escape the stress and rigor of WRA, where new students were able to experience the culture of WRA for the first time and returning students got to experience once again. The visiting Caterham students also had a chance experience a WRA dance.

It is an annual tradition to introduce the dance in the form of a video that usually arrives three weeks ahead of the date of the dance. However, the release of the video was delayed in a myriad of complications. It came just fifteen days ahead of the dance, cutting the asking season to just two weeks.

The video’s premiere was originally scheduled for the September 29th, but was pushed to October 2nd. There was administrative confusion that resulted in the video not being vetted prior to September 29th’s Morning Meeting.

Students were able to enjoy their favorite songs in the South Side of Ellsworth Hall as well as have their photos taken by Head of Fine and Performing Arts Department Alan Doe. Students could also use a photobooth or enjoy some of the many delicious food and beverage provided.

For some, like Dana Lake ’18, this was her favorite homecoming. Whether it was the “great music” or “fun theme,” she had a great time. Others, like Francisco Blanco ’18, believed much of the fun had to do with the “energy the Caterham students brought.”

Putting all complications aside, the general sentiments about the dance were more or less the same—approving words about the atmosphere, food, music, and organization. The theme was meticulously planned to pair the excess splendor found in The Great Gatsby with the creative ideas of the Homecoming planning committee.

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