The Coin: All Hail Homecoming! Memories to Last a Lifetime

Kendrick Lamar. Frank Ocean. Migos. Cardi B. Perhaps some dabbling around by the DJ will even lead to a little bit of Ed Sheeran, Luis Fonsi, JB, and Beyoncé! Reserve students are back better than ever… Gatsby style! Homecoming 2017 is right around the corner, and the dance proposals are on full blast! Although we have had a much shorter asking period compared to previous years, the gentlemen are on top of their game! Whether it be a sign with chicken nuggets glued to it (Romir Basu ’19 to Hannah Ghoubrial ‘19), a field hockey pun (Nate Beskid ’20 to Nadia Konovalchik ’20), or a Starbucks Latte (Henry Harkins ’18 to Lauren Spirk ’20), the proposals have been silly, sweet, and successful.

WRA’s Homecoming dances are not just a time for the couples who populate the lawn’s wide sweep to take over the dance floor and upscale Hudson restaurants… it is an entire community affair! Yes, the weather is cooling down and cuffing season is in full-swing, yet the Reserve dance realm is welcome to all— even those riding solo! The best part about WRA’s dances is the freedom and laid-back approach to inviting your friends! Not only does it ease the pressure off of those who are either too nervous to ask their crush, or genuinely do not have any specific interests in mind, the openness allows for everyone to enjoy the night together!

If everyone is going to the dance anyways, then why not ask someone? It makes the invitee feel honored, you have someone to match and look beautiful and dapper with, enjoy a nice meal together in good company, and a partner to take a few modeling shots with! Honestly, that sounds like the life if I say so myself! If you plan on going to homecoming, or any other dance for that matter, anyways, go ahead and ask someone! Your boyfriend, girlfriend, lab partner, best friend, anybody! The possibilities are endless! It takes confidence to invite someone to a dance, so with that, be grateful! It is an extraordinary feeling knowing that you, one of almost 400 other students, were specially chosen by your date! They could have asked anyone else, but for a certain reason, they asked you. If that does not make you feel special, then I do not know what does!

Homecoming night is a time for all to pull-off their best looking selves, and to show off a bit! Little black dresses, contoured faces, freshly-steamed bowties, and gelled over hair are all on their way to to raid Ellsworth! Not only does everyone look stellar, but they are also excited! All dressed-up and recently fed, the Reserve prepsters prepare to dance the night away! After all the time and effort one puts into making posters, dress shopping, scheduling manis & pedis, hair appointments, ordering corsages and boutonnieres, and persuasion it has taken to have groups agree on dinner reservations, it is finally time to relax and kill it on the dance floor! High school does not last forever, and life is full of regrets… do not make blowing off homecoming one of them… Get out of your dorm rooms! Mingle! Boogie! Get down! Dab on ‘em! Let loose and shake it off! The Pioneer women, students, faculty, and staff put in a lot of hard work and time into making our night one to remember, so make it worth it! There are usually mocktails and delicious h’orderves, so that is always a plus! To be honest, we are PAMPERED!

I have always been a firm believer in not taking things for granted. But, truthfully, that concept often does slip past me, and I forget how lucky I am. So, take my word for it, and appreciate what we are given! Go celebrate and shimmy your way through the Ellsworth doors!

I know what you are thinking. “Nah, dances are lame,” or, “I can’t dance.” Well, you never know until you try, and who cares! Bets are, nobody else out there knows how to dance either! Life is about having fun, living while you are young, and making the most out of your young high school years! 20 years down the road, you will reflect back on your high school days and regret not taking the time to ask that person to the dance, or not even attending the dance… I do not want you to make that mistake. I want to see everyone enjoying their nights and looking fine! I will be looking for you all as I try to fight my way through the freshly spritzed floral aromas mingling and overpowering mahogany musks that will be taking over the Reserve bubble!

– Brigie Kelley ’18

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