Students Participate in No Shave November

As of November 1st, you may have seen some students on campus with a more robust arrangement of facial hair than what you are normally accustomed to. This year, Western Reserve Academy’s Student Council is holding a fundraising event in support of the No-Shave November movement, and many students have taken on the mission to contribute to the cause. Each student who completed the application process donated at least $10 towards cancer awareness and research. More information is available at, and even those who are not able to grow out facial hair are welcomed to donate towards the program.

Nicolas Bell Fabregat ’19, a new participant to the annual tradition, says that “No Shave November is an amazing opportunity to support an honorable cause, and at the same time, I actually get to see how my facial hair looks. I’ve always shaved prior to this fundraiser.” Ben Horrigan ’18 happily states, “It’s a good way to express myself and raise awareness for cancer research, plus it’s helped me save time shaving in the morning which I can spend towards studying.” No-Shave November is a tradition that is over a decade old. It originated from a group of 30 Australian men in support of prostate cancer and depression, and this year WRA joins this ever growing initiative.

– Andrew Song ’19

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