Senior Space Now Open for Seniors!

As last school year came to a close and the student body learned more about the details of the changes to come for this year, one element stood out in particular for this year’s seniors, then juniors: the loss of the WRAp. The WRAp, for freshmen and all new students (or anyone who never bothered to venture inside), was a small café-like area in the basement of Seymour Hall. Inside, there were booths to sit in and study or to unwind with friends, as well as occasional offerings of food and beverages. However, most crucial for the class of 2018 was the center of the room, a green carpet with couches to lounge on. Tradition dictated that only seniors were allowed on the carpet, so the upcoming seniors were understandably worried about the lack of this “senior space” for the coming year.

As the seniors realized that they may be left without a replacement for the WRAp while Seymour was under construction, theories and ideas flurried around campus. The idea of golf carts to ferry seniors between classes was even proposed. However, the WRAp is not planned to be reconstructed, so the ultimate decision was to create a new senior space. Previously, the dean’s office was located in the Chapel, but with its move to the Metcalf Center (and now Wilson), that area opened up. Student Body President George Wiggam ’18 explained, “We picked the location and asked for the walls to be knocked down so that we could have an open space.” Although the room’s décor is fairly minimalistic for the time being, it is now open for the exclusive use of the class of 2018.

The space has only been fully functional for a brief period, but several seniors have already expressed their thoughts, with responses ranging from overwhelming joy to crippling disappointment. Charlie Kolodziej ’18 says, “I wasn’t sure what to expect when the room was being gutted but I am pleased with the final product. I think all we need to tie it together is some furniture, artwork, and fingers crossed, a printer.” Some have had more mixed feelings, with two anonymous seniors expressing that they were not able to see the use in the space due to its location. Since many classes are now located in the Learning Community (pods) and the MAC, it is often inconvenient to make the trek across the lawn’s wide sweep just for a couple of couches, only to have to make the grueling trip back to our beloved and picturesque trailers when time comes for the next class. Hopefully more seniors will find the trip worth it as the space becomes more outfitted (the printer idea sounds promising) and when next year’s seniors will enjoy closer proximity due to the return to Seymour. The senior space is also yet without an original name à la the WRAp, but Kolodziej had one suggestion: “The Burner Dome.” We’ll have to see what catches on, but until then, hang in there, class of 2018.

– Matthew Bloom ’19

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