Caterham Students Visit from Across the Pond

Every year, Western Reserve Academy sends 10 students to the Caterham school for an exchange program during the summer. This fantastic opportunity gives the students a chance to immerse themselves in an entirely different culture while staying with a host family. They visited many sites such as Buckingham Palace, Princess Diana’s Memorial and The London Eye. Brigie Kelley ’18 mentioned, “an unforgettable memory was going to the Wireless Festival with artists including Post Malone, Chance the Rapper, G-Eazy and Fetty Wap.” However, the Caterham students had the same opportunity to immerse themselves in a different culture by coming to WRA for a week. Fresh off the plane, they had no difficulty causing a stir at Reserve as soon as they arrived. Even before the students from Caterham came, there was a buzz around campus for students who wanted to meet some people with classic British accents. Personally, nothing is cooler than a classic British accent except maybe seeing where Harry Potter was filmed in London. After being introduced at morning meeting, it took no time at all for many students to learn the names of the various Caterham students.

For some Western Reserve students, the Caterham visit was a great opportunity to meet new people. For others, it was a chance to see familiar faces. Manas Srinivasaiah ’18 opened up about seeing his Caterham friends again: “It was an unbelievable experience. We got really close with each other in England so it was definitely exciting to see them again.” This trip was especially exciting because the Caterham students could attend Homecoming. Not only did they get to see the Browns lose again and attend classes at Reserve, but they could also kill it on the dance floor. Manas stated, “In general we got the opportunity to show them the Reserve experience,” and it all started with their presence at Homecoming.

After spending all week with the Caterham students, Manas remarked, “The Caterham kids definitely loved getting to spend time with us and getting to understand American culture.” I have no doubt that this was the case.

Students like Casey Semple ’18 explained, “They were quick to make friends here and loved talking to everyone.” Jen Blossom ’19 remembered, “They taught a bunch of us how to play rounders, a British version of baseball, in the fieldhouse one rainy day.”

Although the Caterham students had a lot of fun at Reserve, all things must come to an end. Eventually, it was time for them to leave. They didn’t have to say bye to everyone, however, because some WRA students were going with them to Washington D.C. Just as the Reserve students had the opportunity to visit London, the Caterham students’ trips would not be complete without a visit to our nation’s capital, Washington D.C.

This process will be repeated next year with the current juniors traveling to England in order to attend classes in Caterham!

– Romir Basu ’19

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