Borrmann Hosts Cider Press

Dr. Ralf Borrmann, a beloved teacher on his 23rd year at WRA, is taking over the Reserve Cider Press from the departed Mr. Peterson. Four year ago, Mr. Peterson revived the practice with the help of the Pioneer women’s association and the Dad’s Club in the hopes to get students more involved in Environmental Initiative. Borrmann’s son, Max ’15, was an active member of the club and was the co-president his senior year. Bormann stated that his involvement started with his son’s enthusiasm: “I got roped in and ended up having a lot of fun with it.” The process of making cider is very dangerous, as the practice is old fashioned, but the mouthwatering taste of fresh pressed apple juice is worth it.

Borrmann is also in charge of the Hudson farmers market, helping the vendors and organizing events. Last saturday was Apple Day, and the cider press was used for the first time this year. Students helped clean out most of the cobwebs and carried the equipment downtown to work the press. A few participants were Arland Zatania Lojo ’18, Lily Nicholson ’21, Noah Goad ’20, and Kai Treble ’18. They helped many children work the machinery and explained the process as they were working: “They looked really cute, helping the kids, but don’t tell them I said that,” Borrmann commented. The students from Hudson Montessori school enjoyed the cider pressing, and were invited by the school principal to bring the cider press to their campus and give a demonstration. “Mr. Peterson is the reason we have it and I’m just happy to oblige a fellow tree hugger. This is his legacy,” Borrmann added.

– Harley Fisher ’19

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