Annual Spirit Week Celebration Returns

Another year of Reserve Spirit has come and gone, and yet it feels like we as a community are missing something. This year’s spirit week, the traditional lead-up to Western Reserve Academy’s Homecoming Dance, was the week after mid-fall break, and the dress down days were timid affairs compared to previous years.

In years past, the themes have consisted of wacky ideas such as ‘Dress as a Teacher’ Day, where students picked a teacher to dress up as in order to cause ruckus on campus when a much more spry DiBiase would bound down brick row or a slightly shorter Mr. Manoli jogged through campus. This year’s themes were as follows: Wednesday, the 18th, was National Pride Day, with students wearing flags, colors, and in some cases face paint in order to express their love and admiration for the country they are from. Tia Forsyth ’18 wore a mish-mash of American colors, Sash Davis ’18 had a Ukranian flag draped around his neck, and Sebastian Fields’s ’20 an American fedora. Thursday, the 19th, was Twin Day, a staple in spirit weeks of years gone by, with students selecting a body double for the day and dressing alike. Friday, the 20th, was Monochrome day, a day in which students selected a single color and wore clothing and accessories of only that color during the school day. The senior class made an attempt at a single solitary color, but couldn’t make up its mind as to whether that color was black or grey. Then there were such outliers as Tia Forsyth ’18 with a bright, neon yellow outfit, or Peter Campanelli ’18 and Sammy Bluso’s ’18 bright orange attire. All in all, it was a fairly uneventful week, with only three rather tame ideas marking the lead up to Homecoming.

“I felt like this year was a little bland compared to previous years” a senior said. “I miss days like Hawaiian day from last year, or even the day when we all wore sports jerseys. That just seemed more inventive than the themes this year.” “I am more upset by the fact that we lost two dress-down days!” Dana Lake ’18 explained in response to having a shortened week for Spirit Week. “I would love to have just a pajama day, or dress like an animal, or something goofy and fun later in the year,” another student said.

It seemed talks were already in motion for what classes were to wear for Halloween, with multiple themes being thrown around by a couple of students already, leaving Spirit Week a bit ignored and uncoordinated. Spirit Week came and went without much applause or fanfare. While the general consensus is that a dress-down is better than being stuck in school dress, the dressing-down could have used more variety to spice up one of the most special weeks for us as students.

– John Kerins ’18

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