Year Begins with a Bash

At the annual celebration for the start of the school year, Western Reserve Academy students had a lot of fun at the Back to School Bash. Organized by the Pioneer Women’s Association, the moms provided delicious snacks such as popcorn and homemade cups of lemonade. In front of Ellsworth Hall, students gathered together on the grass to play volleyball, badminton, frisbee and other fun games. Some drew with colorful chalk while others enjoyed the music provided by DJ Peter “Vibes” Campanelli ’18.

Because of the construction of Main Street, the route of the famed “Rocket Car” had to be redesigned. Despite the relatively shorter experience, most students were still satisfied with the speed and the sudden increase of adrenaline.

This year’s Back to School Bash t-shirt was designed by Cassidy Williams ’20 and Mairead Morrissey ’20. Students were invited to battle their peers in an inflatable arena or play a game of pickleball. Music went on until late in the night and many students continued to dance to the beat.

– Mary Ning ’19

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