Welcoming Wheeler

Brandi Wheeler is Western Reserve Academy’s newest Director of the Academic Center, previously known as the Academic Enrichment Center. She also supervises study hall, coordinates the peer tutoring SPAR and coaches both the JV Girls Tennis and Quiz Bowl teams.

Originally hailing from Atlanta, Georgia, Wheeler has nearly twenty years of teaching experience, ranging from teaching English in a traditional high school classroom to working with students one on one, her personal favorite. Her most recent employment was as a tutor in the Summit County area.

During her time here at WRA, Wheeler hopes to help students develop excellent study habits and be more proactive with their time. Her favorite aspect of WRA is getting to know other people. She explained, “The students, faculty and staff are all very friendly and welcoming, not to mention some of the most interesting people I’ve ever met!”

In addition to her work as Director of the Academic Center, she has also been one of the three coaches working with the girls’ tennis teams, using her previous tennis experience to help teach the girls how to play the game. If you see her on campus make sure to welcome her to the WRA community!

– Jasmine Wheeler ‘20

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