Welcome Back, Velbeck

Katie Velbeck has been a part of the Western Reserve Academy dance program for years, serving as interim dance instructor during Emily Barth’s maternity leaves. Last year, Velbeck choreographed “Leaving On a Jet Plane” for the Fall Dance Performance. This year, Velbeck will collaborate with Barth in the WRA dance program, and they are currently preparing the upcoming outer space themed dance performance. Velbeck had a passion for dance since she was four years old. She grew up in Macedonia and continues to live there with her husband. She loves hiking and walking her dog in the local national and metroparks. In addition to teaching at WRA, Velbeck teaches dance at Artistry in Motion, a dance studio that teaches kids age 5-18, located in Twinsburg. Velbeck has always been a favorite in WRA dance program, and WRA dancers are excited to be seeing more of her this year!

– Laina Wilson ’19

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