Students Participate in Summer Internships

Beyond Reserve is a collective summer program that offers high-achievers at Western Reserve Academy numerous opportunities to engage in real-world working environments, in a variety of fields, alongside their peers and alumni. The program works with schools, both domestic and international, to promote the quality and the diversity of students’ experience. Top students participating in the program can choose a topic of their own interest and passions. This experience will allow students to gain completely dissimilar experiences from those offered at WRA as well as improve their skillsets in their area of interest. This past summer, 23 students of WRA partook in a variety of different, eye-opening programs, including, but not limited to: Baylor Medical Center, Case Western Reserve University Genetic Reserve Program, Apple’s Worldwide Developers Conference and the Cleveland Clinic.

The Case Western Reserve University Genetic Research Program is a scientific research program that takes place on the CWRU campus. The program enabled participants to engage and experience an array of in-depth and advanced scientific research and experiments. Avery Brewer ’18, who took part in the program this summer, thinks that working with researchers in a professional working environment has given her an understanding of a career of conducting research, and allowed her “to think like a scientist”. Throughout the program, Brewer was impressed and intrigued by “the way people sought knowledge through various realms of study”. She feels that the experience has equipped her with expansive knowledge that has enabled her to apply to CL Pathobiology, as well as facilitates any of her future research. Another participant, Alison Landry ’18 said that she “loved working at Case” and learnt a great deal about the projects that were being carried out in her lab including AMD and glaucoma in the Amish. Throughout the process of four weeks, Landry learned how to perform blood samples procession as well as the conversion of blood samples into whole blood, buffy coat and RNA samples. After the program, Landry remarked she “gained an understanding of lab’s working in a professional environment.” Unfortunately, the program brought her to the realization that the profession of genetic research is not the path that she wants to follow, but the skills she acquired through the program has supported her studies in Cancer Immunology and other science classes.

The Beyond Reserve program has enabled the broadening of students’ knowledge, perspectives, orientations and definitions of their passions and potential future professions. The program is truly a once-in-a-lifetime experience for any student.

– Quan Vo ’20

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