Share a Bike Today

This school year is quite different from previous ones, with the Seymour renovation and the subsequent use of the Learning Centers, also known informally as the “pods.” Last year after the announcement of the implementation of the pods, one could hear complaints from multiple students about the distance they would need to walk between the Pods and Wilson. Although students were informed that they would have additional time between classes to offset the extra-long trek, students nevertheless perceive it as a burden.

In order to combat this issue, Xi Gong ’18, Andrew Huang ’20 and Rain Wu ’20 have initiated a Bike Share Project at Western Reserve Academy. They have put a considerable amount of time and effort into this project, reaching out to multiple bike sharing companies, finding suitable bikes and submitting proposals to the Dad’s Club to gather funding for the project. They encountered many difficulties during this process, but at last, thanks to the support of the Dad’s Club, Dr. Borrmann and many other teachers and faculty, they turned their simple idea into a reality.

Students can now travel across campus more efficiently, taking less than five minutes between the learning community and Wilson. This faster travel creates spare time for students to review their course materials right before class or anything else that students wish to engage in for a few minutes. These bikes will certainly become an integral part of WRA this year.

– Rain Wu ’20

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