Senior Trip to Caterham

Each summer, a group of selected rising senior students receive the opportunity to travel to England where they attend classes and learn about English culture at our sister school, Caterham. The students attend classes with their hosts with whom they also stay for the week. “My fondest memory about traveling to England was being hosted by an English family. It was such an eye-opening experience living with a family who spoke the same language as me, but most of the vocabulary was completely different. It was almost as if the languages were not the same,” remarked Brigie Kelley ’18.

Along with going to classes, the Western Reserve Academy students were able to travel to different places around England, such as London. They visited many sites such as Buckingham Palace, Princess Diana’s Memorial and The London Eye. As Kelley talked about the memories she made on the trip she noted, “an unforgettable memory was going to the Wireless Festival with artists including Post Malone, Chance the Rapper, G-Eazy and Fetty Wap.”

In the fall, the WRA community will have the pleasure of meeting their English friends as they stay on campus for a few days attending classes and participating in community activities.

Kelley states that she has made “new lifelong friends” and cannot wait to visit England again in the near future.

– Mackenzie Farber ’19

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