News With North: North Korea

It seems that every time I tune in to watch Fox News or any other reputable news source, North Korea is a frequently discussed topic. So, what does that all mean? Why do we find ourselves in this situation?

North Korea has been developing a nuclear arsenal for some time, and the fact that they are now a serious threat to the United States is ridiculous. This is a huge blunder and never should have happened. Yet we still find ourselves facing the potential of warfare. How could this have come to be? For years, the predecessors of our current administration have refused to consider any action against North Korea, shoving the issue aside and naming their strategy, if you can even consider it one, “strategic patience.”

Just how much power does North Korea have? As a result of “strategic patience,” Kim Jong Un, the seemingly unhinged dictator of the “Democratic” People’s Republic of Korea, has built his country into a nuclear superpower. Making empty threats for a long time, North Korea has recently conducted weapons tests, including a missile launch over Japan. There is also speculation of the detonation of a hydrogen bomb. It has also been confirmed that North Korean missiles could reach to the Midwestern United States. North Korean missiles are seven times the size and have seven times the destructive potential as the nuclear bomb dropped in Hiroshima by the United States in 1945.

North Korea undeniably has a very threatening nuclear capability, and the Trump administration is doing what prior administrations failed to do: act. In order to defend ourselves, the military has developed advanced non-explosive warheads. This technology isn’t perfect and may never be as it is technically difficult to intercept a projectile moving thousands of miles per hour. Putting the lives of millions into the hands of missile defense systems is not ideal.

However, President Trump and his administration are making offensive moves. First, Trump is attempting to isolate North Korea by cutting it off from its allies, surveilling shipments, considering supplying South Korea with defensive weapons, and placing sanctions on Chinese banks funding North Korea — all via the United Nations. The administration is also considering more aggressive options. When asked what options the United States would take against North Korea in recent interviews, President Trump said “Military action would certainly be an option,” adding that “it will be a very sad day for North Korea.” In a speech to the General Assembly, Trump threatened North Korea with “total destruction”.

Looking forward, a peaceful solution is ideal, and I hope the current plans are able to deter North Korea from any military action. But now, we should be thankful that the United States is attempting to take control of the situation.

– Colin North ’20

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