New Day Student Prefect Responsibilities

The day student prefects will no longer be helping in the library during study hours this year. They have, instead, been assigned to monitor study hall. Kali Chapas ’18 explained this will give the day prefects more of an opportunity to mentor students “the same way the boarding prefects help out the kids in their dorms.” Chapas hopes this opportunity will allow the day prefects to “just be there for them and try to be an example for how to fit into the flow of WRA.” Aeri Hong ’18 noted that this change is letting the day student prefects “make better use of their responsibilities and contribute to our school and students more effectively.” And the perks do not only extend to those under the prefects’ supervision. Of the four day student prefects I interviewed for this article, every single one mentioned liking this change because it allowed them to get more work done. Hopefully this change will benefit everyone involved.

– Ellie Frato-Sweeney ’20

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