Nataupsky Navigates Naviance

Jillian Nataupsky is one of the many new faculty members here at Western Reserve Academy, and is the latest addition to the college counseling committee.

Originally from Northeastern Pennsylvania, she previously worked at Mercersburg Academy before coming to WRA. Nataupsky is also the Dorm Head of Ellsworth 2nd, a position she explained she “loves.”

But her main task is guiding WRA students through every aspect of the college process. Her job varies from registering students for the SAT to applying for financial aid, from assisting with the Common App to finding the right college for each student.

In addition to her college counseling job, she enjoys beatboxing and often finds herself spontaneously singing in her car. She is also an avid reader and has a Master’s Degree in Holocaust and Genocide Studies, subjects she continues to explore in more detail. She will be teaching an ECHO on the Holocaust during the winter. Nataupsky has described WRA as a “perfect fit” for her and enjoys campus and downtown Hudson.

– Flora Jiang ‘19

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