Launch@Reserve Powered by MIT

Despite the intimidating morning meeting announcement made a few weeks ago regarding the start of the MIT Launch program at Western Reserve Academy, more than 50 passionate students signed up for the Reserve Launch Club during club expo this year. This past summer, Andrew Huang ’20, Ken Fuchino ’19, Alan Zhong ’19, Judy Yin ’19 and Alex Yuan ’19 were accepted to the MIT Launch program and co-founded the Reserve Launch Club.

The Launch Club is run by the MIT Launch Program at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology. The goal of the club is to bring aspiring high school entrepreneurs together and provide them with the necessary skills and resources to launch a real startup company. Numerous schools from around the world enroll into MIT Launch, a well-renowned program. During the process, faculty members from MIT Launch send team members instructions and videos to help guide students through the process. Throughout the school year, Launch members will come up with a viable business plan, design a company logo/brand and develop a marketing strategy. We will not be creating one large company as a club, but instead, we will have members create multiple companies each with four to six people. This relatively small team will allow each company a degree of flexibility and permit all members to work on projects they are interested in. In March, schools will present their startup ideas to judges at MIT, where they will announce an overall winner.

This year, the theme for MIT Launch is environmental sustainability. Mr. Gerber has agreed to be the faculty sponsor for the program at Reserve and will provide Launch club members with necessary resources, such as a meeting space in the CTIC. As mentioned earlier, many students signed up for Launch club this year, and many students who signed up expressed their willingness to dedicate a large portion of their time into the program.

This demonstrates that WRA has many fervorous, passionate students who are eager to build great things to help improve humanity. They want the space and opportunity to create, innovate, and solve society’s myriad problems. Overall, MIT Launch at WRA is an amazing opportunity, and I believe that everyone will be astonished by what a group of high school students can accomplish by the end of this school year.

Andrew Huang ’20

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