Karam Leads Music, Orchestra, Band

After a two year hiatus from Western Reserve Academy’s Orchestra, Margaret Karam ’79 is ready to return to teaching orchestra and band, as well as continuing to teach choir, serving as Afternoon Music advisor and directing the fall musical, Urinetown. Karam has been a part of the WRA community for as long as many can remember. She has a passion for not only teaching students how to make music but also encouraging them to explore their full musical capacity. Karam believes that music connects our hearts without words and can take us back in time. According to Casey Semple ’18, “Ms. Karam brings a different feel to the Music Department. She treats the members of the orchestra and our abilities with respect and believes in us unlike any other teacher I’ve ever had.” Since the return of Karam, we have seen an expansion in orchestra students.

Karam is planning on making the music department play a more prominent role in the arts department as well as the daily life of WRA students and faculty during this school year. Karam believes that making music is beneficial to the quickly growing brain of the student because the ability to play music engages a different part of the brain than academic classes. In previous years, the trek to Hayden Hall could be described as long, lonely and tedious because of the lack of enthusiasm towards the classes taught there. Even though the length of the trip from the Learning Community to Hayden is longer than the previous year’s trek from Hayden to Seymour, the enthusiasm towards going to a class in Hayden has also grown because of the energy Karam brings daily.

Karam’s primary objective as a teacher and as the Head of the Music Department is simple: she wants students to enjoy music and have fun as they sing or play their instruments. Daily, one can hear music emanating from Hayden coming both from students in class, as well as students that are not even in band, orchestra or choir coming to one of the many practice rooms to rehearse music just for the fun of it. This passion exhibited by students exhibits just how welcoming Karam has made the music department of WRA. Karam wants everyone at WRA to feel welcome to participate in music whether it is via being an audience member, practicing in Hayden or just listening on the front porch of Hayden in the new rocking chairs and appreciating the beautiful symposium of sounds flowing from within Hayden Hall.

– Abigail Richardson ’19

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