CTIC Entrance

The new entrance to the Center for Technology, Innovation & Creativity, or CTIC, is sporting brand new furniture, a massive display of nine TV monitors and a bright abstract lighting display. Double glass doors lead from the entrance space to the CTIC itself, with a new, alluring centerpiece inside: the wall of lights. The wall is black, covered with black-rimmed knobs that each have the ability to light up.

The wall usually shows off one of the several moving designs that are already programmed into its software. Lights of all colors flash across the different knobs, captivating whoever is nearby. As Ilyana Smith ’20 put it, “It’s beautiful and amazing and colorful. It makes me happy.” One cannot help but to turn a knob or two, or maybe even stick around to create a more intricate design. Turning a knob turns on its light and pauses the current moving design, giving the user the ability to alter the design or create their own. If you keep turning the knob, it cycles through all available colors. To choose a color, you simply turn the knob and then stop once you reach the desired color. Cycling through all colors turns the light back off.

This fun addition was the brainchild of our school’s CTIC expert, Director of Information and Education Technology Matthew Gerber. Citing the Lite Brite, a childhood toy consisting of plastic pegs fitted into a backlit panel, as inspiration, Gerber wanted to add something “eye catching” and “distinctive” to the makerspace. “I want it to be an inspiration for what can be done in the center,” Gerber explained. “It is art, it is science, it is math… It serves as an inspiration.”

The wall of lights is one of several ongoing projects in the CTIC. Gerber is also working towards creating a case for students to display their own work, and he also hopes for students to be able to play video games or watch live television on the TV monitor display.

– Madison Lin ’19

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