Camping Freshmen, All the Wiser

For most students, Camp Wise was a nice and pleasant experience, bonding many freshmen as well as faculty members together. Annually, this event lasts two nights and three days during preseason in an environment where students do not have to feel the pressure they will have once the school year begins. After interviewing many students at Western Reserve Academy, I heard many stories and opinions about the experience they had during this event.

At the beginning of the camp, activities were planned out so that students could become more closely acquainted with one another. Ivan ‘21, a freshman from China, asserted that he “enjoyed most of the activities, but his most favorite game was Gaga Ball.” Another freshman, George ‘21, who also enjoyed many of the activities, found the Great Race to be the most interesting since their team won.

One issue many students complained about was the strict phone policy. Several students claimed that having their phones would make the experience more enjoyable since phones would allow them become friends on social media and share their funny posts with each other. On the other hand, many students believed that not having phones brought them closer together because they had more intimate interactions among one another.

An anonymous student described Camp Wise as fascinating, especially for the meals it provided. He realized that in the Jewish custom, which is what Camp Wise is all about, one cannot consume meat and dairy at the same meal. Being exposed to different cultures was another benefit students experienced at the camp.

During the night, students were sent to their cabins to rest after a long day. According to a couple of students, the cabins themselves were quite comfortable. They expressed that “they enjoyed the outdoor-like stay,” with the change in their environment. Some students, however, complained about the less than ideal room accomodations, concluding that the stay was somewhat dreary.

It seems that overall there were mixed feelings about the experience that students had at Camp Wise. Some thought of it as a waste of time, while others found the trip to be an enthralling experience in which they had a chance to be with classmates in a different environment outside of school. Whatever opinion each student might have on this event, Camp Wise allowed students to form bonds with other people before the inevitable pressure and stress that we know too well comes with the start of the school year.

– Tien Nguyen ’19

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