Borneman Begins

Andrew Borneman is a new member of the English Department here at Western Reserve Academy. He grew up in Cincinnati, OH where he attended high school with Member of Mathematics Department Katie Bonomo. At WRA, Borneman will be teaching three sections of junior American English and a senior English elective post-colonial literature. After nine years of teaching in a boarding school, Borneman has served as the Chair of the English department and Coordinator of Faculty and Curriculum Development in his previous employments.

Borneman found out about WRA through a college friend, Anna Barlow-Boesch. She informed him about the opening, and he later met with Associate Head of School Kate Mueller at a conference in Boston. Both Barlow-Boesch and Mueller told him about all the exciting opportunities WRA had to offer!

Borneman is also looking forward to moving back to Ohio, as he will be living closer to his family in Cincinnati. He describes his experience so far at WRA as “too good to be true,” and what he loves the most about the students is “the competence and creativity of student writing.” Welcome to WRA, Andrew Borneman!

– Katie Chen ’20

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