A New “Record” Room

For years, the Reserve Record, Western Reserve Academy’s newspaper, has called Seymour Hall home. But while Seymour is under renovation, the Reserve Record has moved its office to Hayden Hall. “While I will definitely miss the old room in Seymour,” noted Matthew Groll ’18, current co-Editor-in-Chief, “I think Hayden will be more than capable to serve as our office. Plus, we have the opportunity to listen to excellent music if we step out of the Record room for a break.” Midge Karam ’79, the faculty member in charge of Hayden, is happy to host the Record’s office in her building: “I am super excited to be hosting the Reserve Record this year! It would be okay with me if it stayed forever. It [will] get some non-music people into Hayden more often and maybe build some good press for the music department.” While it is a longer walk to Hayden than to Seymour, there has luckily been no shortage of willing writers. The Reserve Record will no doubt prosper in its new location.

– Eliza Rusnak ’20

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