Pods Debut, Students Adjust

In addition to new faculty, new classes, and a new schedule, Western Reserve Academy welcomes another new change in the community. The “Pods,” as they are colloquially known, are located above the stadium and house many of this year’s classes due to the ongoing renovation of Seymour Hall. While many enjoy the air conditioning, the … Continue reading

Ellsworth Hall Renovation: New Entrance, New Options

Western Reserve Academy’s hallowed grounds have recently witnessed the greatest renovation and transformation they have seen in recent memory. Machines cover the lawn’s wide sweep, while dirt, scaffolding and debris detract from its once radiant green. One of the many buildings that have undergone changes in the past year is Ellsworth Hall: both the site … Continue reading

Year Begins with a Bash

At the annual celebration for the start of the school year, Western Reserve Academy students had a lot of fun at the Back to School Bash. Organized by the Pioneer Women’s Association, the moms provided delicious snacks such as popcorn and homemade cups of lemonade. In front of Ellsworth Hall, students gathered together on the … Continue reading

Pumped for Pumpkin Spice

Pumpkin Spice Latte season is back and stronger than ever! Cinnamon, nutmeg, and clove…what a beast combination! Everytime I walk through the doors of a coffee shop, store or restaurant, my eyes immediately scan the area for any sign labeled “pumpkin”. There is just something about the mix of pumpkin and coffee that makes the … Continue reading

Borneman Begins

Andrew Borneman is a new member of the English Department here at Western Reserve Academy. He grew up in Cincinnati, OH where he attended high school with Member of Mathematics Department Katie Bonomo. At WRA, Borneman will be teaching three sections of junior American English and a senior English elective post-colonial literature. After nine years … Continue reading

A New “Record” Room

For years, the Reserve Record, Western Reserve Academy’s newspaper, has called Seymour Hall home. But while Seymour is under renovation, the Reserve Record has moved its office to Hayden Hall. “While I will definitely miss the old room in Seymour,” noted Matthew Groll ’18, current co-Editor-in-Chief, “I think Hayden will be more than capable to … Continue reading

New Day Student Prefect Responsibilities

The day student prefects will no longer be helping in the library during study hours this year. They have, instead, been assigned to monitor study hall. Kali Chapas ’18 explained this will give the day prefects more of an opportunity to mentor students “the same way the boarding prefects help out the kids in their … Continue reading

Share a Bike Today

This school year is quite different from previous ones, with the Seymour renovation and the subsequent use of the Learning Centers, also known informally as the “pods.” Last year after the announcement of the implementation of the pods, one could hear complaints from multiple students about the distance they would need to walk between the … Continue reading

The Eggplant: Community Learns to Love Learning Community

The Learning Community, affectionately known as the “Pods,” has been better received than initially expected! When first told about the treacherous hike up the labyrinthine hill by the Murdough Athletic Center, many a “Oh, gosh darn!” and “Why, God, why?” were heard echoing through the halls of our fair, recently deceased Seymour Hall. Now that … Continue reading

Gieske Got Mad Math Game

Hardy Gieske joins Western Reserve Academy as Chair of the Mathematics Department and as a teacher of the 21, 33 and 51 levels of math. Gieske, who is originally from Maryland, had previously worked at Lawrenceville School in New Jersey. In addition to his work in the classroom, Gieske will coach both soccer and tennis. … Continue reading