State Champs! Pep Band Brings Home Big Win

In addition to playing cheerful music at a number of basketball games, the Pioneer Pep Band has developed a new, innovative way to share the art of music through their creative performances. Although this is something that Western Reserve Academy has never done before, the members of the band were able to successfully compete in three different competitions and even win first place for all three.

In order to delve into classical-styled music, the band performed “Magia De La Luna,” written by Mr. William Talaba, on a tarp the size of the basketball court. This piece symbolizes the waxing and waning moon, and they were able to bring this concept into life through different movements.

To be eligible to participate in the state championships, they had to participate in

at least two regional competitions. On Sunday, February 26th, they had their first performance at Findlay High School and the week after that on March 5th, they performed at Worthington Kilbourne High School. In both competitions, they easily placed on top. At the state championships on April 2nd, out of over one hundred teams at the competition, with hard work and dedication, they were able to come in first place in their category one more time.

Through this experience, each individual of the Pioneer Pep Band learned not only how to perform music in a variety of ways, but also to try something new while striving for excellence. Even if nobody at WRA has done anything like this before, demonstrating tenacity allowed the group to be the best at all 3 competitions, and also pioneer a new discovery of performing music.

-James Doh ’20

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