Ellsworth Dining Hall Renovated

Ellsworth Hall is arguably one of the most important buildings on campus. The students rely on it for housing and the infamous Green Key, but its most important function is feeding the students at all times of the day. If you have not been on campus for any of the meals since Spring Break ended, you may not know that the dining hall has been renovated.

The school has completely altered the whole layout and flow of the space. Instead of being greeted by fresh fruit and condiments, you are greeted by a wall. Instead of the cup rack and stacking plates, there is a mystical conveyor belt, which some students are still perplexed by. But, are the changes for the worse or for the better? Max Shin ’18 stated, “It’s kind of unwelcoming” in response to the wall being the first thing you see when you walk into Ellsworth. Danny Mylott ’17, however, has a different approach to the new changes. In his response, he wanted to emphasize that although the dining hall may look different, “it still contains our lovely dining hall staff inside.” He believes that the students and faculty make the experience instead of the actual dining hall.

Zohaib Malik ’19 believes the whole new system is more efficient because of how much space has been added and how the conveyor belt allows for a more practical way to dispose of plates and cups. Regardless of your stance or lack thereof on the new changes, the dining hall has been working very hard to make life easy for us, and I believe that many of us take that for granted. So, be sure to thank the dining hall staff, and enjoy the dining hall for all that it is worth!

-Carson Harkins ’19

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