Ellsworth Dining Hall Renovated

Ellsworth Hall is arguably one of the most important buildings on campus. The students rely on it for housing and the infamous Green Key, but its most important function is feeding the students at all times of the day. If you have not been on campus for any of the meals since Spring Break ended, … Continue reading

Yay for Free Days

On Monday, April 10, students and faculty of Western Reserve Academy filed into the Chapel for what they assumed would be a normal Morning Meeting. However, the mundanity was broken by a series of unforeseen events. The first bit of excitement came when the Pioneer Pep Band announced that not only had they come in … Continue reading

State Champs! Pep Band Brings Home Big Win

In addition to playing cheerful music at a number of basketball games, the Pioneer Pep Band has developed a new, innovative way to share the art of music through their creative performances. Although this is something that Western Reserve Academy has never done before, the members of the band were able to successfully compete in … Continue reading

Trump Plays Russian Roulette

President Donald Trump has come under a lot of scrutiny lately for his alleged actions and choices during his first one-hundred days, many of which are questionable. However, there is one river that runs deep in the Trump administration: Russian contact and influence. A messy web of political ties has been uncovered between Trump’s advisors … Continue reading

WRA Victorious at Bridge Building

Some lucky Western Reserve Academy students may have caught a glimpse of a group at the Center for Technology Innovation, and Creativity with boxes of balsa wood and design sketches. They may have been cutting and measuring, puzzling over their diagrams, or supergluing the wood together (or their fingers!). To those of you confused about … Continue reading

Advice to Freshmen: Respect Seniors!

When I was a freshman at Western Reserve Academy, I feared the seniors. They were intimidating, big, and just scary. I never wanted to do anything to cross them, or make them mad. But now, as a senior, I find myself noticing that most underclassmen don’t even bat an eye at seniors and our privileges. … Continue reading

Class of 2018 Prepare for the Future at Annual College Fair

With the stress of college applications and decisions soon to engulf the Class of 2018, the college counselling office offered the chance for students to meet with representatives of colleges and learn more about their representing college. On Sunday, April 9th, the juniors and some voluntary sophomores of Western Reserve Academy attended the Cleveland Independent … Continue reading

The Complicated Moral History of Zoos

When I tell people that my intended major is Zoology, I receive mixed reactions. Most assume I am planning to work in a zoo, although that is not quite what zoology entails exclusively. This has led me into a number of heated discussions regarding the ethics of zoos. I have no doubts about the good … Continue reading

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