The Record Moves From Paper To Pixel

The Reserve Record, the longest running-newspaper in historic Hudson, Ohio recently entered cyberspace. The editing staff felt with an increasingly digital world, the Reserve Record needed to evolve with the changing world of news. Therefore, Peter Campanelli ’18 and the Reserve Record staff created a website in order to make the news more accessible to the general public. The website displays the articles and photos of the most recent issue as well as archives of past issues.

Although a Reserve Record Twitter account already existed, website coordinator Campanelli felt a greater online presence was needed. After viewing college newspaper websites, Campanelli “thought it would be pretty easy to do something similar for the Record.”

After speaking with the Reserve Record editing staff about the concept, he “built the website on the blogging platform WordPress” and “added some of [his] own code to make it all work.” Campanelli explained that “the website has great features that add to the content of a print edition.” He acknowledges, however, that there is a lot of room for the website to grow, as he hopes to add “pages for each writer with their articles” as well as adding “interactive content like videos, puzzles, etc.”

Although the website creates new opportunities for the Reserve Record, the staff does not foresee foregoing the print edition altogether. For now, the newspaper will continue publishing both a print and online edition. The all-student staff of the longest-running newspaper in historic Hudson, Ohio invites their readers to follow @wrarecord on Twitter for updates and to view their new website for exclusive content.

– Casey Semple ’18

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