The Coin: Boardingware: Distinctive Logistic Efficiency

If you needed any proof that Boardingware was long overdue, ask the parents of a boarding student. The clunky, awkward system that we had before deserved to be replaced. Rather than a tedious series of phone calls between the student, their parents, and the administrator on duty (AOD), the process of signing in and out is now quick and easy; it can be done from the palm of your hand through the tap of a finger.

Requests for a weekend leave can be submitted anywhere and anytime. How many of us would rather type a few quick details into an online form than have an inconvenient talk with Mrs. Skinner (not that having a friendly talk with our lovely dean is a bad thing)? And of course, the worst-case scenario: the Dean’s Office had no clue where you were and had to assume you were missing. This could result in undeserved detentions and unnecessary misunderstandings.

Now, even if the AOD doesn’t answer the phone, which is the case sometimes, you can actually sign out; with just a few clicks they’ll know where you are and who you are with. I am not saying Boardingware is without drawbacks: you have to remember a PIN code and remember to sign in and out to study hall, for example. But the benefits Boardingware provides far outweigh the costs. For example, you can save contacts in Boardingware, so that you can easily add the information of the people you are going to be with.

The more times you sign out with the same people, the more useful this feature becomes. Everything is clearer and simpler for everyone involved. Whoever will be driving will receive an email, and long telephone chains are now a thing of the past. All one needs to do is simply click a button to confirm that the details are correct. Yes, it is really that easy: the student and parent do not need to write a single email.

Once this is complete, an email goes to the Dean’s office, and they will approve it as long as everything all parties have been accounted for. The student will be notified on their phone when this happens, if they choose to enable that option. The communication between all the relevant people has been streamlined and optimized.

Compared to the old system, signing out is now practically effortless. I know I am personally glad the school has begun to modernize its most outdated features. Much like Seymour is about to be renovated next year, this renovation may take a while to get used to, but it is definitely going to be an improvement.

-Aidan Johnson ’18

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