Sadie Hawkins’ Dance: One For the Ages

In early December, the entire student body of Western Reserve Academy was talking about the upcoming “Sadie’s” dance. Starting with a very entertaining video from the senior girls Elizabeth Downing, Kate Winson, Olivia Chan, Zanna Leciejewski, Caleigh Tiley, Abby Goodman and Zoe Platt (all ’17). Suraj ’20 even made a surprise appearance. Starring as the Real Housewives of Western Reserve, it was clear to see that this sadies was going to be one unlike the rest. Girls, not only worried about exams, also had to worry about who to ask to the dance, as it was occurring very early this year (January 14th).

The Knights Fine Arts Center was decorated true to its theme: A Winter Gala. Right from the entrance, one could see the delicate hue of blues and purples making it really seem like a wintery wonderland (if you ignored Kevin Thomas standing with the ominous breathalyzer). Further in, the walls were embellished with snowy wallpaper and fluffy snow littered the ground while iridescent lights twinkled off them. As always, the refreshments and snacks provided by WRA parents were delicious and much appreciated. What was surprising was the delightful inflatable couch placed on the edge of the dance floor, offering a comfy place to rest.

At the beginning of the dance, the dance floor was practically empty with only a few brave souls willing to dance alone. As time progressed, more and more people started crowding the dance floor, making the ambiance of the room a whole lot more fun. The music was pretty good too, the DJ seemed to have a lot of fun just doing his thing. A couple of dance circles even popped up once in awhile with some few unfortunate students who were reluctantly pushed into the circle. The best performance of the night might have been near the end of the dance when Ethan Shockey ‘20 stepped into the floor and showed he had moves like no one else. Overall, this was a very successful and fun dance; it created unforgettable memories for everyone involved.

-Amy Zhou ’19

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