Netflix and Chill Recommendations

As an avid explorer of the vast black hole of Netflix, I thoroughly understand the value of a good show. You know, those shows you will watch for a split second and then you look at the clock and eight hours has passed. Here is a list of my favorites!

How I Met Your Mother

While less than a decade old, this show has quickly been elevated to cult classic status. The sitcom follows a group of five friends in New York. The main character, Ted Mosby, recounts his adventures during his twenties by telling his kids (in the future) about all that led up to him meeting their mother. Clearly a succinct narrator, the series contains nine seasons in total with about twenty half hour episodes in each season. The series is recent enough to be relatable, but old enough to bring a sense of lovable nostalgia into your life.

Jane the Virgin

Have you ever accidentally been inseminated? Yeah, I didn’t think so. From a young age, Jane Villanueva has grown up with the notion that sex before marriage was strongly prohibited, especially since her mother had gotten pregnant at a young age. However, after her drunk doctor mixes up her pap smear with another woman’s insemination, she inadvertently becomes pregnant anyway, in spite of her abstinence. Throughout this series Jane struggles with the reality of being a soon-to-be mother, juggling a part-time job, and working for her baby’s daddy (Raphael), all while applying to colleges. Now all she has to do is find a way to break the news to her boyfriend.


After a car crash stole Matt Murdock’s vision away at a young age, he learned to rely on his other heightened senses to guide him through everyday life. Working his day job as a defense attorney, he spends his week utilising the justice system to assure the health and safe keeping of his clients. But when the justice system fails, Murdock establishes some justice of his own. At night he masquerades as the vigilante Daredevil, fighting crime and restoring the good in his neighborhood. Through this thrilling series filled with action and conflict, Matt Murdock shows how brutal justice can really be.

Once Upon A Time

28 years ago Snow White and Prince Charming gave birth to baby girl named Emma. Unfortunately, she was born in the midst of a curse (courtesy of the Evil Queen). As the curse began to sweep the Enchanted Forest away, Prince Charming managed to fight his way to the magic wardrobe in time, protecting Emma from the curse and sending her to another dimension. Now Emma lives her life alone as a bail bondsman, unaware of her enchanted past. That was until her 10 year-old son Henry (whom she gave up for adoption), found her. In an attempt to return him to his adoptive family, she winds up in a mysterious town by the name of Storybrooke. Worried for his safety, she decides to stay for the time being. As the series continues, Henry desperately tries to convince Emma of her fairytale past, and while she had originally believed it only to be a fairy tale, the strange occurrences in Storybrooke persuade her otherwise.

-Micayla Brent ’19

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